Take Time

Day three of my self imposed challenge! I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t log in today. I started thinking about social media and our need to be virtually connected all the time. The idea that Facebook plays a huge role in many lives across the US is quite daunting.

I’ve decided that after this “blog every day for a month” challenge is over, I’d like to try getting on to Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress only once a week for a month and using more traditional sources for communication and obtaining pressing news. Six out of the seven days, I plan on reading a newspaper, watching the news on TV (a fond memory I have of first moving to California: listening to KTVU/FOX 2 10 o’clock news from my bedroom), calling and texting my friends, and listening to NPR/KQED. I’ll be honest, I might not stick to that, but I am going to try. I’d love to get back to basics and enjoy my 30’s like my parents did. They survived very well and with immense joy without social media, computers, the internet, and smart phones. They did really well with land line phones, basic TV, newspapers, radios, and a great community of friends. I feel that I will be able to cultivate more honest relationships if I am able to distance myself from the virtual networks I am completely immersed in.

How do you feel about Social Media and Social Networking? How often do you find yourself checking Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.? Would you happily take a week vacation without internet access, a computer, or a cell phone?


4 thoughts on “Take Time

  1. I think about my own relationship with social media often and consider how I should perhaps tone it down a notch. I detached from Facebook particularly because I couldn’t stand that level of social. It was often too personal, too “glass house” for me. I would gladly take a week away from the overwhelming nature of technology.
    Do you ever listen to podcasts? There are some amazingly enlightening and beautiful programs out there. I don’t know how I would conquer a workday without them at times.

      • Here are my favorite podcasts:
        99% Invisible
        The Memory Palace
        Snap Judgment
        Planet Money
        The Truth
        Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
        Alton Browncast
        Amateur Traveler (can be a bit cheesy and oddly produced, but good travel info at times)
        Grammar Girl
        The Moth

        I listen many hours a day, and always look for new suggestions myself, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to read em.

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