Drink up!

Masks have seem to come back in style quite heavily recently. The oil trend has died down, and masks have taken over. I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it: the US is often late to both the progressive party & trendy party. So, what European & Asian countries have been doing for decades, the US is only really just catching on now.

I’ve always been a fan of masks, ever since I was a kid. I’d poke through the beauty stash of both my mother and grandmother in awe of the pretty bottles they had. However, it wasn’t until I moved to California that I truely discovered the joy of masks. I never really saw any of the women in my life do a mask, probably because I was too young to remember. By the time I was 10 or 11 and starting to feel my body change, I started to grow into my feminine side. I would hit up Payless (later RiteAid) and stock up on some Freeman masks and my friends & I would go to town with them at sleepovers. And, let’s be real here, I still love Freeman masks, don’t you?

Long gone are the days of innocent pre-teen girly sleepovers. It’s been about a year since I’ve slept over at a friend’s house, and that was out of necessity. Our time spent together no longer involve stuffed animals, Ouija boards, and yearbooks. Well, we might still get out the yearbooks and gawk at our lithe, carefree bodies & smiles. But, more often than not, wine is involved, which makes sense twenty years later. Point is: if I sleep over at a friend’s house, it is because it’s always wise to not operate a vehicle if a wine glass has been accurately used. So, no masks are applied to our faces. We’re lucky if the makeup even comes off.

So, it is up to me, during down time to pamper my skin. I have quite a few face masks that I absolutely adore and always suggest to people. There is one currently out there that is my ultimate favorite.

The mask I have been obsessed with is GlamGlow’s ThirstyMud mask. At first, I was really put off by the smell. I had smelled a tester that had obviously gone off and it smelled like moth balls. Then, I was lucky enough to receive a jar to try. When I cracked it open and took a whiff, I was surprised. It smelled like coconuts and apple juice!

GlamGlow ThirstyMud

This mask is a lifesaver!! It’s full of amazing ingredients, such as apple fruit extract, coconut fruit extract, ginger root extract, green tea leaf powder, olive leaf powder, and so many more. I learned it feels best chilled, so I keep it in my fridge. This mask is essential to anyone with redness, irritated skin, sunburned skin, surface dehydration, or genuinely dry skin. It’s great for all skin types, however those dealing with the issues I just mentioned will greatly benefit from this mask. This mask can be left on as little as 10 minutes or as long as all night. And, I always wear this mask overnight. My skin does really well when I use the mask this way. The company even suggests using this mask in-flight to prevent that dreaded dehydration many people get after a long flight. For my skin, I feel that the apple extract helps gently exfoliate and brighten, while the coconut, green tea, and olive are replenishing, and lastly the ginger helps energize my skin.

Please, if you can afford this $69 mask, invest in it! It is worth every penny. If not, stop by a local Sephora and, at least, pick up a sample to try. And, fret not my loves, I will write a post about my other favorite masks, which include a plethora of cost effective masks!

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Just Breathe


I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. My life revolves around school, hence the rut & lack of regular blogging. Tonight, however, I had some Chocolate Coffee and Citrus 4 from Pressed Juicery and my hazy brain seemed to clear up a bit.

That means I got inspired to actually take more than a couple minutes to remove my makeup and slap some moisturizer on. I decided to use a gold standard product and a totally new (to me) product.

To start, I swiped some Sephora Cleansing Water all over before getting stuck in. Next was my hero, holy grail, número uno beauty product: Ren Skincare Cleansing Balm. I’ve written about it before and will continue to write & talk about it for the rest of my life. As usual, I massaged a teaspoon over my entire face and neck and let it sit for a minute. Then I added a bit of warm water to get it going. The last step was wiping it off with a mildly hot wash cloth. Heaven!!

Next was the newest addition to my skincare: Lush’s Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh mask.


I let it sit for ten minutes or so, then removed it with a hot wash cloth. My skin felt so smooth and soft! The only less than positive aspect to this mask is the smell. It wasn’t a bad smell, just not my favorite. However, the smell is not a deterrent from me repurchasing this mask.

These two products allowed me to unwind and take some time to just breathe. They allowed me to reflect on the day and set some positive intentions for the rest of the week. I highly suggest everyone take 10-15 minutes at the end of the day to do the same. You don’t need to do skincare, you can just sit or stroll. Find peace any way you can!