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In an attempt to gain views and followers, I’ve devised a little plan. I am trying to get to 500 views by 11.59pm PST on December 31. So, if that happens, I will make my first YouTube video, share it here, and entice y’all even more to keep coming back.

What will I do in my YouTube video? I’m not sure yet. I might recite a poem. I might tell some jokes. I might do a goofy dance. Or I might just say hello, thank you, and a little snippet about myself. Whatever I decide, I do promise you a YouTube video.

So, get reading! Get sharing! And while you’re at it, please mosey on over to my two other blogs:Β DJ Toaster Biscuit & A Life In Paperback.

Thank you all so very much!


I Can Be Your Hero Baby!

So, ladies who have the luxury of having things, including makeup, we often have a signature of ourselves. It could be just a thing we’re known for, like a niche musical taste or being the [xyz] girl, or it could be a signature part of our physical appearance.

Me? Well, many people have different things they attach to my persona, but one thing does seem to be a constant… My eyelashes. Almost every day I have people asking if they are fake or telling me how lucky I am. Yes, I’m glad I have long lashes, but I’m not lucky. The length of my lashes is set in DNA stone. This is one of the many positive traits that I biochemically got from my parents. [Thanks, you two!]

With that said, pretty much any mascara I swipe on works well for me. However, there are a select few mascaras that I swear by. And, because my lashes are naturally long & curly, these mascaras may not be for you. Let’s face it, people who want their lashes to look like mine have very short, sparse, straight lashes and the best option for them to replicate my lashes is very natural false lashes.

My hero mascaras:
1. Fresh SuperNova mascara. Sephora stopped selling this a really long time ago, which drives me bonkers! The only place I know that has it currently is the Fresh website & I can’t quite reason with myself ordering one $25 mascara every 3-4 months. Sure, I could call the Fresh boutique up in San Francisco, but again, I can’t fathom driving 30 miles into a crowded city for one tube of $25 mascara. But, it is still my ultimate favorite mascara…
2. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I was gifted this mascara over the summer and immediately fell in love that I purchased a tube three months after falling in love with it. The brush is very similar to the SuperNova brush and the formula is almost as soft as SuperNova. Also, the finish was exactly the same as SuperNova, if not slightly better. So glad to find a replacement! I can get my hands on this mascara with a lot more ease, so I have a feeling this will be a staple for awhile. The name gets on my nerves, but I overlook it because it’s worth it.
3. Milani Runway Lashes mascara. Let me be honest here, I’m not a fan of many drugstore mascaras. For me, a lot of them don’t do much or feel to stiff, drying, or clumpy on my lashes. So I took a major leap of faith with this one. I was in a bind and needed a mascara. I don’t like carrying expensive mascara with me, so when I was due to meet someone, I needed something to wake my face up. $4.99 on a mascara was exactly the budget I was hoping for. I was immediately wowed. I love that I got volume, plushness, and a soft finish that I always love. I’m so happy with this mascara! If you are on a makeup budget, please invest in this mascara! Amazing results without hurting your wallet.

This mascara technically isn’t one of my heroes, but it deserves some recognition. Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash mascara. This mascara is pushing it as far as price. I always used to believe that $25 was far too much for mascara (SuperNova). Then I tried this on… It was love at first swipe. As I’m well stocked on mascara right now, I don’t own nor have I ever owned a tube of this $30 mascara. But, I might consider buying this as a gift to myself when my mascara stockpile is down to one lonely tube. I wish I could afford this mascara every three months. Let’s be real though, I’d rather switch between $23 and $4.99 every four months.

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite mascaras are! Please do share! Also, what is your signature?

Pamper Time! Evening Skincare.

As my skin has settled down from its painful couple of weeks of dermatitis, I am able to get back into a comfortable skincare routine. I do all of my main skincare at night, as it is both physically and emotionally cleansing.

Tonight I am giving my skin some extra special love as it has been an arduous two weeks. I’ve been working nonstop and had finals this week. I desperately need some TLC! I want to share my pampering evening skincare ritual.

My skin type is dry, sensitive, and prone to redness & enlarged pores. I like to call my skin bipolar, as it really varies day to day as to how dry & sensitive it can be.

To start, I take off my make up with Caudalie’s cleansing water.


This has been my favorite makeup remover for years. It takes off everything, including heavy foundation and waterproof eye makeup.

Next up is a proper cleanse!!


Tonight I chose to use Ren’s cleansing balm with my Clarisonic Mia2. The cleansers I use vary. My other favorites are Ren’s Hydracalm cleansing milk, Nude’s cleansing oil, and Ren’s Hydracalm cleansing gel. It really depends on the day.

Next is a mask. I rarely do masks. Let’s face it, I’m lazy! So this is the unusual pamering part. And when I do a mask, it has to be amazing.


Tonight I am indulging. Two masks! First is Ren’s Glycol Lactic mask to exfoliate, brighten, and hydrate. Then I hop in the shower. After the shower I slap some of Aveda’s intensive hydrating masque while I make some tea. This is supposed to be left on 5-10 mins, but I leave this on a lot longer sometimes. As it’s not a peel, it doesn’t hurt if I forget about it for awhile.

Once this is rinsed off, I finish with a serum & moisturizer.


Along with Ole Henriksen’s truth serum & Korres’ wild rose sleeping facial, I have added some rose essential oil in a jojoba oil base.

Tonight I am all about exfoliation, hydration, nourishment, and brightness. I love nights when I pamper my skin!! It’s rare, which makes the ritual even more special.Β I do hope you enjoy this little snippet of my life.

FYI: I do not represent or am not paid by any of these brands for any usage or mention of them or their products. All of the products I used were paid for by my own money over the course of the year. Any product gifted me will always be disclosed and I will not use nor review something gifted to me if I do not like how it works for me. Thank you!!

Free Stuff! Giveaway…

Hi dears!! Everyone loves the opportunity to get free stuff, right? I know I do. Free hugs, free food, free petrol, free love…

So, I’ve been formulating a giveaway to do. I’ve been collecting things over the last few months that I’m happy to pass on to others. Why not make it interesting?

Here are the rules:
1. Follow or subscribe to me me on at least one of the social media sites I am on
This blog, or
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2. Leave a comment here telling me your favorite thing about winter and your current music/movie/literature/art obsession. If you can hit the like button, even better! Also, please share which form of social media you have chosen to connect with me if it is not directly here.
3. This step is optional. If you could give me a shout out on your favorite social media site, I’ll be forever grateful! If you do, email me a screen capture or leave a link in your comment. Who knows, if you do this optional step, you might get two chances to win!?
4. The deadline is 11.59pm PST, December 30th, 2013.

What am I giving away? I’m putting together a box of treat yourself goodies. Included will be a pear scented candle, some dry body oil, a face exfoliator, a face serum or two, a moisturizer, and possibly even a $20 gift card of your choosing (within reason). I will definitely include more, I promise. Guys, check this out: the exfoliator is a cult favorite in the GQ/Esquire/Entourage watching circle of men. (Ladies, it’s amazing. I have a few tubes of it. That’s why I’m willing to part with one.) Plus guys, if you have any women you care about, everything else can make great gifts.

If I only get one comment, I will either nix the giveaway or reboot it and start over in January. So participate please!!!