San Francisco Solo Shopping Date

Yesterday was the last day for awhile to enjoy a clear sky & sunshine in San Francisco, so I took myself up there for a date with myself. I had intended on picking up some things at Lush, but the Powell street location was having some remodelling done, and let’s be honest, I didn’t want to trek all the way over to the Cow Hollow/Pac Heights store. Sure, it was only a 2.5mile walk from where I was from, but I couldn’t deal.

Instead, I went into Sephora to see what brands they have that the Palo Alto store don’t. I played awhile with the Becca Cosmetics, as the line was reintroduced to Sephora and it is a brand I absolutely love. I was debating whether or not to get the Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation. I found that the finish is more semi-matte than satin. I liked that it is medium coverage & did a good job covering my naturally red cheeks. So, I decided to get a sample and wear it for the day. I did, however, purchase the Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation. It is a water-resistant, buildable coverage powder. I did put it on over the liquid foundation with a sponge and it looked and felt great. I can’t wait to use it! I’m not a big foundation person, so I feel like I can easily get away with wearing just the powder and some bronzer/blush or cheek stain. While I was there, I also got Josie Maran’s Rosey Mist. Yum! I’m all about refreshing facial mists, especially ones with rose. I also grabbed a mini L’Occitane Almond Hand Cream. I love the smell & wanted something easy for my purse.

I then headed to Barney’s to check out their Ren selection, as they sell almost the entire line, including their body care. The visit in was quick, as I knew what I wanted. The most important item was a bottle of Hydra-Calm Cleansing Gel. I almost purchased a bottle of the Rosa Centifolia Foaming Cleanser at Sephora, but I am really loving the Hydra-Calm Gel right now and I already use Ren’s No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm to take off my makeup. I love to keep my makeup remover & cleanser seperate. I’m old fashioned like that. With my cleanser, I purchased the Hydra-Calm Youth Defense Serum. I like that it is hydrating, calming, strengthening, and anti-aging. I felt some on the back of my hand & fell in love with the fact it absorbed quickly.

After strolling around for awhile, I went into Old Navy to see what dresses they had. Sometimes, I feel I need a loose, comfortable dress to wear. I’m sick of wearing jeans all the time. Unimpressed with the dress selection, I tried on some jeans and decided that a new pair of jeans can be a reward for finishing my first half marathon in October. I have plenty of jeans that work until then. My grand purchase was a pair of black capri leggings, a pair of grey capri workout pants, and a chambray looking shirt.

My last official shop was at Lupicia Tea. I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, but I fell in love with the smell of their Melon Rooibos tea. I purchased a tin & two bags of the tea. In fact, I just steeped some a bit ago & am about to try it.

To finish the evening, I headed to Panta Rei restaurant for a quick bite. And, on a whim, I headed over to Punchline comedy club for Dov Davidoff’s final set. I went to his first set on Thursday & enjoyed that set. I like stand-up & am always game for a laugh. It was a great way to end the day.

Enjoy your Sunday & smile!


Solstice Haul

This is such a magical day. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the day with the most daylight and marks the middle of the year. And, I got paid today! w00t!

So, I enjoyed the daylight and headed out to my favourite vintage shop in Palo Alto, Empire Vintage. I love guys shirts, often feeling more comfortable in them than shirts made for women. I found two (men’s) button down shirts for $5 each. Because of a buy one, get one half off deal, I also purchased two pairs of sunglasses. Overall, not too bad! Four items for $34! Pictures will be added soon, as I want to share my goodies with you.

I also headed over to Whole Foods, as I am dying to do a cleanse. I’ve heard great things about Kaeng Raeng, a vegan, gluten free, and stimulant free three and six day cleanse. Plus, it is a local product, born 3 miles away from where I live. Can’t beat that! The Whole Foods I went to offered only the three day beginner cleanse, which is totally fine. There are three different fruit based powders that you mix with water and consume each meal time. The instructions state that a first time cleanser can continue to eat raw foods (I’m guessing fruit & vegetables), which I think I’ll do this time around. If my body responds well to this, including my reaction to the taste, I hope to do this two or three times per year.

So, right now, I am going to eat a nice big salad and some mashed potatoes, as well as enjoy some iced tea. Then, I am going to try to venture up to Ocean Beach in San Francisco to enjoy the solstice sunset.

Peace, merriness, and joy to all of you!!