Sure, I love music. It feeds me every single day. Check out my random musical thoughts at DJ Toaster Biscuit.

Reading, writing, & photography play a huge part in my life, as well. General words of wisdom are always welcome. You can find things like that at A Life in Paperback.

Lastly, I am sharing my physical and emotional health journey with the world. While not divulging all the intricate details of my life, I believe in sharing important things I’ve learned along the way with people who might be going through the same experience as me. If you are interested, please go to Losing It, Finding Love. Thank you!

Currently, I am working somewhere that allows me to try the latest trends in beauty. Skincare is my forte, as I believe that taking care of our bodies, emotionally & physically, directly correlates to how our physical appearance is. “You are what you eat” and drink and inhale and think and say and do. If you respect your body with love, exercise, good food, & positive company, your body will thrive. I get to see how cosmetic products work. I get to understand how effective, reliable, and safe they are. And, I am happy to share my experiences with you.

What I’m hoping to gain here is a general shout out, love fest, opinions galore stew of everything from lip balm to books to mascara to vintage stores to tv-show-Ellie-digs-RIGHT-NOW! kind of thing.

I’ve decided to finally branch out and start a YouTube channel. As of February 4th, 2016, there are only two very raw and mildly embarrassing videos up. I will become better at shooting videos & editing, as well as creating content that people want to see. However, I would love to get subscribers and views. Please take a gander and hit that subscribe button if you’d like: Ellie @ YouTube.

So, I welcome you to sit back & enjoy. Please note that everything that I mention here is being mentioned at my own free will. I am not being compensated in any way. My opinions are just that: opinions that were formed in my own head. They are how I feel about something that come from my own experience & knowledge. I plan on giving only positive feedback. Therefore, anything I try that I don’t like, I will avoid sharing my experience publicly  I am happy to learn & always welcome information that I may have misquoted or left out. Do note that any harassment or negativity will not be tolerated, as I am looking for positive energy in my life.

I do welcome positive, constructive feedback. I also would love to read any questions any of you have about latest trends. I am also very happy to answer direct questions about beauty products, even if I haven’t mentioned them and/or haven’t enjoyed them. You have the right to know how I feel. Companies also have the right to protect their name. Therefore, private conversations are definitely welcome.


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